Self-love – how to love each other? 2

Loving yourself is important because it reflects on everything you do, what you are, and how you affect others. Every shift towards oneself is visible and manifests. Although it is said everywhere that it is important to be happy, with everything that belongs to you – the good, but also the bad, but hand on heart. Do you like each other? Do you feel good in your body? Even though you often wave your hand at it, it’s an important moment that has been talked about a lot lately. Why is it important to have self-love and learn it? So how do you like it?

Self-love is not selfishness
Many people take self-love as a manifestation of selfishness because you allow yourself to think about yourself, solve yourself, and try to develop. You can say no when it’s not good for you and you know your qualities. It’s not selfish, you just respect yourself and know that there are things that don’t do you any good, so you avoid them. How to get self-love step by step? We will try to advise.

I love the body
Not everyone has a body with which they are happy. They follow diets in various ways, they constantly pursue a goal, they lose weight, then they gain weight, then they lose weight again. He doesn’t like big belly, shaped nose, small mouth, big ears and so on. What looks like a physical problem often reflects that on mental health. Exercise is a nice, healthy and varied diet as well, but not at the cost of coercion. You want it because you want to feel better, not feel hungry and be fit overall. Not because you have to fit in a smaller dress or because the surroundings look at you differently, with contempt.

Say NO
And don’t feel bad. It is not a word like any other and it has the power to ensure that you feel comfortable. No, it will help deter intrusive people who need to keep track of you and what you do, they can turn down work you don’t want or feel you don’t like.