Self-love – how to love each other? 1

Loving yourself is important because it reflects on everything you do, what you are, and how you affect others. Every shift towards oneself is visible and manifests. Although it is said everywhere that it is important to be happy, with everything that belongs to you – the good, but also the bad, but hand on heart. Do you like each other? Do you feel good in your body? Even though you often wave your hand at it, it’s an important moment that has been talked about a lot lately. Why is it important to have self-love and learn it? So how do you like it?

Self-love is not selfishness
Many people take self-love as a manifestation of selfishness because you allow yourself to think about yourself, solve yourself, and try to develop. You can say no when it’s not good for you and you know your qualities. It’s not selfish, you just respect yourself and know that there are things that don’t do you any good, so you avoid them. How to get self-love step by step? We will try to advise.

Get to know yourself
The key is to know yourself and know what drives you forward and what fills you. Know what your pain is, what gets you down and what makes you happy. Accordingly, you will know well where to move. Ask questions and research what your needs are, what you dream about, what you want to achieve and what hurts you? The questions may be simple, but the answers are even harder.

Admit mistakes
No one is perfect, and whoever says that about themselves is definitely not telling the truth. Admitting your own mistakes is the most important and the most difficult. It can be painful, problematic and time consuming. If you understand your own mistakes, you will get rid of selfishness, comfort and addiction. You will penetrate inside and cross the imaginary threshold. And work on yourself and love for yourself can start without any problems.