Do you want to be more successful? Try this! 2

Your body language can reveal a lot, maybe even what you don’t want or don’t know about yourself. The human body has its own language and speaks the way it wants. You may choose other words and not show how you feel or how it really is, the body has its own “mind” and shows what it wants. Nonverbal signals reveal a lot, you can often observe it in other people. Those who know how to work with these signals have half won. Do you want to be more successful, even with non-verbal expressions? Try these few habits. It may take a while for your body to master these little things, but believe me, it can help.

Watch out for smiles and laughter
A smile can open a lot of doors for you, break the ice and help with negotiations. It doesn’t cost you anything, but it’s the key to many things. It takes the right time and place. When you are not watching and you relax too much, you can laugh and smile where it is not appropriate. And it probably doesn’t work best for clients. Beware, work items are necessary and good to separate from the private ones. Are you laughing with your friends over a situation or a joke? Colleagues may not fully understand him.

Look into my eyes
Eye contact. The eternal topic of many interviews, courses and studies on the behavior of others. This is probably one of the most important things you need to learn when communicating with other people. But be careful, it must not be exaggerated. When eye contact is too intense and you watch people around you too often and fiercely, then it can make the other nervous. Again, if you avoid eye contact extremely much, it has something to hide. Eye contact should be natural, with pauses and supported by a smile if appropriate.

A firm handshake is the first contact you usually have with other people. A medium handshake is recommended. No flies eat me, but don’t crush your hand in an effort to show confidence and strength.