Squid game – what interesting things may you not know? 2

The series Squid Game is South Korean and we can safely say that it has driven almost the whole world. Within a few days, its popularity climbed to the forefront and is the most watched series in Netflix history. Have you seen him? Are you going to him? Whatever it is with you, you must have heard at least something about him. You may be wondering why he actually experiences such popularity, what’s so special about him? It is true that players are people who are not at the bottom of their strength, they are lost existences that have little chance. And the prospect of winning a lot of money is more than tempting. But would they go if they knew in advance that they could lose their lives? We bring cruel interesting things that you may not even know about.

Real number
If you’ve seen the series, you probably remember the scene where one of the main characters gets a business card in the subway. There’s a phone number on it. And the number is really real. It belongs to one woman and she did not have a pleasant time. A large number of people called her to participate in the game.

Let’s talk in numbers
Netflix spent approximately 450 million crowns on the series, which is quite a lot. Do you think he earned? Certainly. It is currently worth about 20 billion crowns, so the investment has really paid off.

In life size
The series also has a large number of props. Have you thought about how big the props really are? We may surprise you, they are said to be life-size.

Stressful shooting
Shooting must have been stressful, there is no doubt about that. However, it was also stressful for the director, who allegedly lost a total of six teeth during the filming.