Friendship and crisis – how to stand up and still be friends? 2

Friends are great, they can support, rejoice in success and stand by your side in case of failure. The girls love their soulmate side by side, with whom they really discuss everything that happens. Sometimes friendships shake to their foundations and even an ordinary thing can uncomfortably affect you and your friendship in a negative way. Someone new, partner, family or even a new friend can come in and problems will appear immediately. How to stop and have a good relationship with friends despite the storms?

Get ready and emotions aside
Do you know what you want to solve? It’s out of the question to write it down, at least a few basic points. It will help you, you will have support if you are unsure or do not know where to go next. Also pay attention to emotions. Yes, you care about the other, you may feel pressured, emotionally tense. You’d better breathe and calm before you start dealing with anything. Emotions, screaming, crying and anything else won’t help.

Compromise is always a win
You can’t expect everything to spit on your girlfriend and it will change the way you want it. You have to find a compromise together. Relationships are generally about compromises and you have to accept that a friend’s life priorities are changing. Therefore, suggest changes that you can make together. Take your time, but don’t limit it too much.

Think of others
You may think that you do think of others, but when something goes wrong in a friendship, you think that you want something to change the way you need it. But even a friend somehow feels, wants something in life and solves. Tell the other that you are happy, happy and satisfied and wish him well. Accept the change and adapt to it. You will see that over time everything will stabilize and you will regain the peace and balance in friendship that is important.