Friendship and crisis – how to stand up and still be friends? 1

Friends are great, they can support, rejoice in success and stand by your side in case of failure. The girls love their soulmate side by side, with whom they really discuss everything that happens. Sometimes friendships shake to their foundations and even an ordinary thing can uncomfortably affect you and your friendship in a negative way. Someone new, partner, family or even a new friend can come in and problems will appear immediately. How to stop and have a good relationship with friends despite the storms?

Friendship is a job
Having a partner next to you for many years is important. Friendship can suffer from one of the cracks when you are still together and the other finds a partner. Suddenly he wants to spend time with his partner and his friends don’t have that much time left, maybe sometimes not at all. You manage and survive for a while, but when it’s long, you want to tidy up and talk. How to do it and maintain such a great friendship?

Just talk
It may be difficult and difficult, but when you talk about it, you always move forward. Few people can read minds and know how the other person is feeling. In your case, the same is true. It is recommended to speak in a partnership, but also in a friendly one. Sitting down and talking together is a thing that will help a lot. Show a friend that it is important to you, describe what bothers you or what you are dealing with. You will also hear the opinion of the other and together you will reach a compromise.

Don’t deal with everyone around you
Do you feel tension between you and your friend? Solve it together and in person, not with other people who are not affected, who only watch it from a distance. If you want to talk about it, then only those who are concerned should never deal with it in the company of more friends. It’s not exactly the best.