Houseplants – which trendy pieces to buy for the interior?

Design lovers are certainly thinking about how to combine houseplants with their home. Everyone wants to have a piece of greenery at home, but not everything fits in the style in which your household is equipped. Are you a lover of Scandinavian design? Then we bring you a few tips on houseplants that are guaranteed to fit into your home and your interior will look better. What can you buy?

A piece of greenery for every household

Even if you are not the best gardener and you are worried that your houseplant will die, there are a few that have good endurance and will not be intimidated if you deprive them of water for a few days. Some are even so tough that they last even two or more weeks. Sounds good? Even though you are not one of those who would think about flowers in the household on a daily basis, you will certainly find a plant that will grow in your heart. What trends for houseplants to buy?

It is a cactus, although at first glance it may not look like it at all and does not look like it. Instead of thorns, it has long overhanging fibers and can be cut as needed. It may be a bit of a bizarre, but it needs a slight watering and sometimes it is even recommended to let the clay dry a bit, which is good news for those who don’t give much water. And beware, buds can also appear on it. White flowers bloom in winter and white berries appear in spring. At that time, it needs a lower temperature for its vegetation and needs watering during flowering.

Straček overhanging
The overhanging plants are beautiful and the leaves resemble small beads, it is also known under the Czech name pearl necklace. The undemanding succulent will please those who do not do well in cultivation. He loves the sun and will be grateful if you find a sunny place. The important thing is the topping, which should be at the bottom, only in the bowl. Get fertilizer for cacti, you won’t make a mistake.