Chocolate and health – we bring you a few tips on when they are beneficial

Chocolate is great for nerves, we all know that. Its taste is loved by children, teenagers, adults, men and women. You will also like to take a cube of chocolate throughout the day of stress and problems and let it melt in your mouth. That’s a sweet treat, isn’t it? However, it is generally claimed that chocolate contains a lot of sugar and it settles on the abdomen, hips and the like. And that’s why some, even if she’s so good, avoid it. Isn’t that a pity?

Chocolate is loaded with antioxidants
Dark chocolate contains higher concentrations of antioxidants than apples or red wine. Antioxidants from natural sources, such as cocoa, counteract cell damage, leading to visible signs of aging.

Chocolate increases intelligence
Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have found that dark chocolate protects cells in the brain and, as a result, protects it from damage caused by stroke. Epicatechin, a compound found in chocolate, significantly reduces brain damage in mice that have suffered a stroke. Researchers at the California’s Salk Institute have also found that epicatechin improves memories in mice.

Chocolate can accelerate weight loss
Flavonoids in dark chocolate help reduce insulin resistance and prevent the formation of blood sugar levels, which prevents overeating. Dark chocolate also affects how the body synergizes fatty acids. This reduces the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. It also increases the feeling of fullness.

Chocolate improves mood
Dark chocolate has been shown to contain PEA, the same chemical that is released when you fall in love. In addition, dark chocolate also stimulates the release of endorphins.